Keep track of your letters to pen pals

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Never forget to write back again

With reminders to write back, or to post letters you've written but have sat by the front door for ages, you won't forget to stay in touch again.

Keep track of the pens and inks

Record which pen, ink, and paper you used to write to each friend, to keep the variety going next time you write.

Sync across your devices

Whether you have your iPhone or iPad to hand, Pendulum syncs your changes seamlessly via iCloud.

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Email for all support queries.
We are a pair of independent developers working on the app in our spare time, and will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can!

Privacy Policy

Pendulum does not collect any data about you or your device. Synced data uses private Apple-provided services that we have no access to, and only the name and profile picture of each contact you add is synced in this way. All other information about your contacts stays local to your device, and no data is available to anybody other than you.