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My D&D Adventures

When I first got into D&D a year or so ago, I created my first character for a play-by-post (PbP) game called The Lost Jungles of Rabbad. Since then, I’ve joined other PbP games, played a few live one-shots (via video call), starting running my own PbP game with a pre-rolled adventure from D&D Beyond, fought other players in two player-vs-player (PvP) arenas, and play-tested a couple of new campaign ideas from our DM.

I hope to write more about my characters in the future, but here’s a summary of the games so far.

  • The Lost Jungles of Rabbad: PbP, playing as Elmer Raloren, a noble-born High Elf Wizard (School of Abjuration). Currently at level 6. A homebrew adventure run by our DM, Rob, in a world of his design. I wrote a summary of this campaign previously.
  • A Darkness Gathering: PbP, playing as Dagoth the Ancient, a Bugbear Paladin (Oath of the Ancients). Currently at level 5. A campaign that a first-time-DM, Jake, has adapted from an old 2e adventure, I believe. It started out as Frozen Sick, a free sourcebook on D&D Beyond, which the players quickly completed and Jake transitioned.
  • The Princess Bride: PbP, playing as Stardust Nightwhisper, a Fairy Bard. Currently at level 3. The game was conceived of and run by Nic, who had to put it on pause after he and his wife had a baby! Star, as my character was known by, is waiting patiently for when the game resumes and I can play a bard once more!
  • The Wave Walker: PbP, playing as Kaith, an irritable Aarakocra Monk. Currently at level 2, the game was started by another first-time DM, Madi, in a world of her own creation. She ended up not having the time to continue it, so it is currently on haitus, but hopefully will return!
  • The Wave Walker: Windborn Demons: Although Madi didn’t have the time to full a full-blown campaign, she plans to run a series of smaller one-shots for characters in the Wave Walker world, starting with Kaith. The game has only just begun, but I am excited because I was enjoying roleplaying Kaith’s surly demeanour, and am looking forward to attempting to play a monk in combat.
  • Winter’s Crest: A live playtest of a winter-themed one-shot campaign Rob was writing, playing as Peregrin Puddlefoot, a Halfling Bard, at level 5. The campaign was very fun, and we were successful as a party—although there were definitely times it felt like we weren’t going to be!
  • The Dragon of Icespire Peak: PbP, where I’m the DM! A pre-rolled adventure on D&D Beyond, I’m having a lot of fun making it my own. The characters are currently at level 3, though they chickened out of completing the latest job, which would have earned them a level bump. One of them was bitten by a Wererat, so they’re currently distracted by that.
  • The Hawkstone Alliance: A series of live games played in Rob’s world, with a rotating set of players each time. Playing as Tabasco, a level 4 Tabaxi Artificer (Alchemist), I’ve currently been involved in two adventures so far of the four that have been played.
  • The Pit: The Isle of Death: A PbP PvP game, playing Olrim, a level 10 Fallen Aasimar Paladin Oathbreaker. There were five others in the game, and Olrim ultimately came second, and was so close to beating Skulkas!
  • The Pit: The Temple of the Light: The second PbP PvP game, this time playing Kolasi, a multiclassing Zariel Tiefling - level 3 Rogue, level 7 Paladin. This is my first attempt at multiclassing, and I find level 10 pretty difficult to work with (there are so many options). We’re working in pairs this time, but it’s not going particularly well for Kolasi or his team mate - somebody brought a pack of bears and a dragon to the fight, which was terribly unfair of them!

We’re also playtesting a new campaign idea from Rob, which I won’t say much about other than it’s not D&D-based this time, but uses fate dice. In the first playthrough I played as Kalamae, Goddess of Life and Destiny, Mother of Creation, Watcher of the Sands, and in the second (currently in-progress) as Sa’khuna, God of the Night and the Underworld, Lord of Darkness, Keeper of the Keys. It’s a lot of fun!

One of the most fun aspects of character creation is their visual design, and Hero Forge is a fantastic place to get inspiration and build colourful 3D models. You can even buy them as STL files or 3D printed figures for your in-person games, though I haven’t done that yet. Here’s what all my characters look like:

Hero Forge designs of my characters

I never realised that D&D could be as fun as all this. I have found a fantastic group of people to play with and seeing everybody’s creativity is truly amazing.